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Emo does not mean to have cool puffy backcombed hair with side bangs and the long extensions and the colorful colours through it
Emo does not mean wearing black T-shirts/tops/vests or band tops or the wrist bands, and with skulls decorating everything you wear
Emo does not mean cutting yourself all the time or constantly sulking for yourself
Emo is not a type of music which is personally designed
Emo is not a type/brand of person or a feeling or constantly acting like there's no one there for you and you're all alone
Emo Means Emotional
It can be hating yourself for your own person reasons and everyone chooses to express it in different ways, all these things are just some ways some choose to do so
Well, they were before they became so over used and can just be a fashion statement to some or just a normal music genre to listen to.
But the long fringe can sometimes be the only thing they feel they can hide behind silently and unnoticeable without difficulty
Sometimes it's a case of wearing black because you feel different or excluded from the "norm" and don't want to be the same as the world in a set group.

All these things can just mean that the persons into that kind of stuff, it doesn't automatically mean "There an Emo" because of what they wear/say/do/act/listen to - Its a persons feelings.
I Hate The Stereotypical.
I hate people who stereotypical say all this insensitive stuff about emotional people a.k.a Emo's when they don't even know/understand the half of it.
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November 20, 2012
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